Feb. 24th, 2009 12:57 pm
I think I might be the only person who loved how they had a group of past winners pay tribute to the nominees in the acting categories at the Oscars. I absolutely loved that. But that's what I like to see at the Oscars: the stars of the past! Also, I don't know how Sophia Loren does it, but she always looks incredible. The other cool idea, I thought, was how they had Queen Latifah sing during the "in memorium" part. I haven't really been into the Oscars in recent years, and we missed the beginning of this year's show, but we came in just in time for best supporting actress. I only have one question: where was Jack Nicholson? It's not quite the Oscars without Jack in the front row in his sunglasses.

Is it just me, or is Helena the hottest on The L Word? Maybe just me. I like that they gave her a bigger storyline this year. But what happened with Dylan? She looked so young and cute in Season 3, and this season, she is looking older and kind of gaunt.

So who do you think killed Jenny?
It would be a kick to see this--Charles Busch has a new play in which he stars with Kathleen Turner.

Tip of the hat to [livejournal.com profile] sweetandlow . The lady in this video is great!

You have to farm in the weather you are given--you can't be waiting for the sun to shine.  I picked that link up from Silliman's blog, and it's an interesting perspective on the limited readership of poetry in general and in particular for poets writing in Irish.


Feb. 7th, 2009 04:37 pm
OK, you have to scroll way down to "Other" in this list of recently received items in Silliman's blog to see this, so I will cut and paste what Mr. Silliman says about the latest Teeny Tiny chapbook:

"Eileen Tabios, Novel Chatelaine,
A Teeny Tiny Chapbook, no location given (but we’re guessing Edmonds, Washington), 2009. Seven chapter, 8-page novel with great color graphics ingeniously printed on a single piece of 20-lb weight copy paper."

A small but mighty review of Novel Chatelaine, the latest Teeny Tiny booklet.
I am working on a project and am trying to brainstorm names of women (to possibly contact) who write fiction or other prose and are actively engaged in small press and/or self-publishing--or who got their start that way and are proud of their DIY roots.  I know lots of poet ladies but am more stymied when it comes to prose writers who are out there doing DIY publishing. Can you comment if anybody comes to mind?
Check out Bonnie's grant proposal for some equipment to help her students. I think this is a really cool way of funding a project through grassroots support. If you browse her livejournal, you can see some of the other neat work she has been doing in the classroom.
I had to rethink some of my tiny publishing methods because having numbered editions of the books was getting to feel like pressure, so this time, I am trying an unnumbered edition for the latest tiny book, Novel Chatelaine by Eileen Tabios.  I am sending a bunch of copies to the author, and according to this blog post, she is happy to distribute them if you email her, and while you're at it, check out her own publishing efforts at Meritage Press, or consider writing a review (that link will show you what's currently available for review) for her terrific review project.
I've been reading The Now Habit, a book about procrastination by Neil Fiore. Some of the ideas from the book are summarized here. If you're also a procrastinator, you might find the book interesting. One thing that clicked with me is that the author explains how people sometimes procrastinate as an act of rebellion (against external or internalized "authority"), and I think I've totally done this many, many times this without having realized it.

very cute

Jan. 5th, 2009 07:14 pm
If you haven't seen the article (with super-cute photo) of the basset hound and owl who have become friends, well, you had better check it out right now.

Mindy the Snow Beagle
Originally uploaded by Mandy L.

I didn't know beagles enjoyed the snow, but Mindy likes it pretty well, except that it's a bit deep for her now. Think warm thoughts for us so that the snow will melt...

Learn Karate
Originally uploaded by Mandy L.

I dug out a jar of acrylic medium I bought some time ago and worked on this collage the other night, using text and pictures from a copy of Uncensored magazine I got on eBay. It's a terribly trashy magazine, so I don't mind cutting it up!

I posted one other collage, too, on my Flickr account, but I think this one turned out the best; the other is more like a photo framed with text. I've written some poems inspired by this magazine, too, so I maybe will come up with a zine or something that can combine this stuff...

Two high school teachers lived on one dollar per day for food for a month and blogged about it here.  This is a really cool project both in terms of awareness about hunger and in terms of making thoughtful choices about groceries and cooking.  After reading this, my first thought was that we could be making homemade bread (we have a Breadman after all!), and we could have some rice-and-beans meals sometimes.  Let me know if you have some bread recipes you like or easy ways you do rice/beans/etc.
I think I might have the stomach flu--either that or I ate something that did not agree with me.  I am supposed to go to a meeting and do something else on campus this afternoon, but it seems unlikely.

I finished some grading, but there's more to do.  Oh grading, be DONE.  I wish I were in an episode of Bewitched, and Tanya would wrinkle her nose, and I'd look at the computer and see that all my grades were posted...

After you survive the holidays, you can buy Morrissey's new album in February.  Whew.  Mr. Morrissey has been busy lately!
The last season of The L Word is coming up, not that anyone particularly cares since the show has gone more and more quickly downhill.  But we've watched every other season, and can we abandon the ladies now?  Of course not.  I happened upon some links with spoilers today, so I'm going to list them here, but you've been warned NOT TO CLICK unless you can deal with the forbidden knowledge!  In true L Word jumped-the-shark-ages-ago fashion, they are of course killing off a major character, and (in better news) Lucy Lawless plays the detective who investigates.  In unpleasant news, Elizabeth Berkeley guest stars this season, too--seriously, how is she an actress at all?

Anyway, AfterEllen has a page of (pretty mild) speculation about spoilers.  Then there is a page called LesPlanet, which I think is an English translation of stuff originally written in Spanish, and she links to lots of video clips from the new season.  And finally, season 6 spoliers from The L Word Online, which has always been my favorite spoiler site.

It sounds like they are maybe going to do a riff on Sunset Boulevard, with a body being found in Tina and Bette's pool in the first episode, and the victim (don't click the links if you don't wanna know!) appearing in flashbacks.

So yeah, I have no problem reading and chatting about the spoilers and am glad to do so in the comments here if you want (and if you don't want, you might avoid the comments).  Well, probably no one is reading Livejournal on Sunday anyway, but if you are and want to complain about the show, here I am.

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